Blue Moon Kites is the "nom de marque" for Ken McNeill, who's spent the last 25+ years as a designer and maker of high performance aerial art.

Most of the first 20 years was devoted to sport kites, first as Aerie Kiteworks, and more recently, as Blue Moon Kites. It's been my pleasure to build several thousand kites for my friends around the world, as well as see more than a few of those friends fly my kites to regional and national championships.

Since day one in kiting, the "hobby" part for me, was designing an occasional single liner to keep the creative spark alive. In 2013, the hobby became my primary focus, and I devoted myself to the art of single line kites. I'm not sure that 20 years with two lines fully prepared me for the complexity of sending a new design aloft with only the winds and a rudimentary grasp of kite physics! There have been, honestly, as many failures as victories with new designs, but, I must say that the last few years have been some of my most challenging, rewarding, and fun times in kiting.

2018 has seen a return of sport kites to the BMK lineup, initially in the form of our classic Mamba, and soon to be joined by a second neo-classic design. Stay tuned, this is going to be fun!