A new kite, a major update, and more…

I won’t go into a lot of details here but instead point you back to the new pages, where you can get the full scoop.

First up is a totally new kite, the Tsūru. I’m excited about this one, the first all new sport kite under the Blue Moon banner in a long time.

BMK’s long-time favorite, the Mamba, is being retired and replaced by the M3! The M3 is available in standard sail trim, as well as specials, like the eagle pattern shown here.

Both kites are available for pre-order now with a $50 deposit through the BMK shop. There will be links to the shop pages on each kite’s web page after 5 PM today (Friday, Aug. 28th). Both the Tsūru and M3 will be in production beginning around Sep. 8th.

The last thing on the agenda for today is the new Blue Moon Kites forum. I know, there are folks that say forums are dead, but I think it’s still a great tool for sharing information, getting answers, and building a community. Please consider joining the BMK forum today.

If you find yourself in Wisconsin over Labor Day weekend, I’ll be at the Kites Over Lake Michigan festival in Two Rivers. Stop by and say hi, and get a test ride on a new Tsūru or M3.

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