A big thanks,┬ámore news and notes…

Thank you, my friends┬á–

Thank you, to all that helped make it possible for Blue Moon Kites to see another new year! 2020 was a year unlike any in my lifetime, and probably yours as well. Our world has seen more than its share of tears and uncertainty, but also heroes and survivors. I pray that 2021 brings us times of much joy and health, peace, tolerance, justice, and prosperity. I hope that soon we’ll be able to share a field or beach, brought together in celebration of the things that bond us, and the people we admire, respect, and love. I look forward to many hugs and handshakes and being able to fly kites, shoulder to shoulder, with my friends and family, old and new.

Other News and Notes –

–┬á2020 saw one totally new kite and one major re-think of an old friend, to the BMK lineup. The┬áTsuru┬áis the new kid on the block, and it’s doing well. I’m very pleased with the response and look forward to seeing many Tsuru on the ends of lines in the coming years. The┬áM3┬áis a major update and re-thinking of my classic Mamba. This one has come on a little softer, but it’s a sleeper. I predict the M3 will open a lot of eyes this year. Continue reading “A big thanks,┬ámore news and notes…”

Tsuru price increase

Due to the time spent crafting the Tsuru being more than I’d expected, I need to take a bit of a price increase. The price of the Tsuru will be increasing $20, to $359 starting next Monday, Nov. 16th. Changes made to improve the kite late in the design process added to the complexity and ‘fussiness’ of the build.

Orders already in the build queue, as well as those that come in before the end of the day on the 15th, will be at the current price of $339.

Thank you all, for your business and support!

Win my Tsuru!

How about a kite for Thanksgiving? I have a very nice Tsuru demo, with very little time on the clock, that you can win!

As you probably know, I opened the Blue Moon Kites forum at the end of August, and everything is going great, but we need more active members! To that end, BMK is having a little contest. Here’s the plan – at the end of the day on November 20th I will select, at random, the name of one forum member who will win the kite.

You know there’s fine print involved, right? Well, here it is – at the time of the drawing, you need to be a member in good standing of the Blue Moon Kites forum, and have three substantive posts or replies. What’s a substantive post? It’s a post that contains at least one complete sentence that adds value to the conversation, not just a word or two. If you’re a current member, and already have three posts, good job, you’re already in the draw pool! That’s it, that’s all there is to it!

The prize kite is my personal demo/test kite and will have a few easy hours on it. It’s the purple Tsuru, standard frame, that’s in the attached pictures. It does have a series of very small holes in each leading edge that will be cleanly covered with insignia tape. I’ll even pay for shipping in the US. If the winner is from outside the US, they will be responsible for the cost of shipping, taxes, duties, etc.

Join the BMK forum today for a chance to win my Tsuru!

Tsuru and M3 pre-orders and queue update

Thank you, to all of the folks that have placed pre-orders for the Tsuru and Mamba M3 in the last few weeks! Your enthusiasm about the kites, and your faith in me to deliver something you’ll enjoy, thrill me more than I can tell you. I’d like to give you a quick status update.

Bottom line is that I’m running at least two weeks behind my original build schedule on the Tsuru and Mamba M3. That means that if I gave you an original target build date, I’m going to miss it by at least that long, quite possibly longer. Continue reading “Tsuru and M3 pre-orders and queue update”

Stepping away for a few days…

I know this may seem like odd timing, with just introducing two new kites and launching the forum, but I need to go ‘dark’ for the next several days.

The kites are out there, and building a little buzz. The forum is up and running, and seems to be relatively bug-free so far.

I’m heading to Wisconsin early this coming Friday morning to fly some kites, and more importantly, catch up with some dear old friends and meet some new ones. I have one big kite project to finish up today, which leaves me four days to do what should be about 10 days work.

I’ll check in evenings, and try to stay somewhat current. What I won’t be able to do is engage in long back-and-forth conversations via email, Facebook, forum, etc. I’ll be on the road all day on Friday and Monday, and should be back in my studio sometime on Tuesday, the 8th.

Let me know if anything catches fire, or absolutely, positively, critically needs my attention!

Take care, be nice to each other, fly a kite!

A little news from BMK

I sent out a newsletter last night to members of the BMK email list. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I sent out a list mail! Not counting the one in August announcing the launch of the Kite Gnome project, it goes all the way back to last May when we kicked off the Moonie Mambas.

Thank you, to everyone that let me build something for you over the past year. 2019 was a great year for me and Blue Moon Kites, the strongest in quite a while! I had a great time building the Moonie Mambas. There’s nothing like a relatively large batch of kites to help you refine techniques and discover a few new tricks. They did take longer to finish up than planned.

Coming into December, I was already running behind, but hoping to have them all finished up by the end of the year. The plan was to get the build queue cleared, and then spend most of January working on long-overdue new kite development. That was until I developed pneumonia just before Christmas! All told, I was off work for the better part of five weeks, which ate up my plan for development time, as well as the little cash cushion I’d been able to set aside. Continue reading “A little news from BMK”

Flames and Eagles on Mambas, oh my!

I sent kites off this week to England, Australia, and the UAE! Perhaps my most global week ever. It also clears my build queue.

So, I took a little time this morning to regroup and make a rough plan for moving forward. Part of the plan was taking a little time and learn a bit of my vector drawing program, so I can actually share the images I see in my head. My previous program was so old (1996!) that it wouldn’t run on an OS newer than Windows XP. My last older school computer died a while back, and I’ve been too lazy to dig in and learn something new.?

The two drawings attached are still rough, but represent the kind of things that might be popping up in the BMK shop. One of my goals this year is to use the shop more effectively and use it in conjunction with my email list. List members get first ‘heads up’ on breaking news and new goodies coming up, or posted to the shop. If you’re not an email list member, you can find a signup form on most pages of the BMK website. You can also find it directly here – If you’re not an email list kind of person, that’s OK, because I’ll be sharing news here within a few hours of the mail list going out.