Cool New Mambas and Tees

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since the last email list newsletter. I’ve been keeping busy filling existing orders and putting a few things in place to try and make the business better, simpler, and more proactive. I’ve talked for a quite while about using the shop on the BMK website more effectively. Well, I’ve hopefully made movement on doing that.

As a start, I’ve set up three new pages for variations of the Mamba sport kite. Two being the Mamba with the Flames and Eagle graphics featured the last couple of months (with new options!), and a third being a ‘Bee’ Mamba in three color choices. Check out the Mamba Bee (MamBee?) below. You’ll notice that the pages are set up for taking a deposit to initiate a kite order. I hope folks will find this a little easier, and perhaps less intimidating than cold-starting a conversation when ordering a custom kite. It also gives us an opportunity to get an order in the system and schedule payment and delivery further down the line, if preferred by the customer.

You’ll also find a brand new T-shirt design – ‘Dairy Air’, and another – ‘Irrational’, that came out a few weeks ago.


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