Tsuru Specs

A snapshot of the Tsuru’s performance characteristics.

  • Pull: firm to medium-hard
  • Forward speed: medium to medium-fast
  • Speed control: excellent
  • Spin: inside wingtip
  • Precision: excellent
  • Tracking: excellent
  • Noise: medium-light buzz at higher speeds

note: about wind ranges…

The lower end of the wind range represents the point at which an experienced flyer should be able to fly with minimal movement. The upper end is the point at which the kite becomes ‘overpowered’ due to frame deflection. The kite should be able to handle occasional gusts beyond the listed upper end, but caution is advised.

  • span: 100.5″/255cm
  • height: 43.5″/111cm
  • wind range: 4-18 MPH
  • sail material: Icarex polyester
  • frame: SkyShark mix
    • P300 spine
    • 5PT lower spreaders
    • Nitro leading edge
  • rec. line: 90-150 lbs @ 75-125 ft
  • price: from $359

note: The Tsuru LT is the version I recommend for the majority of flyers wanting a light wind kite. Enough mass for light-wind, inertia-based tricks. Enough frame stiffness to allow for a significant wind range overlap with the Tsuru Std.

  • wind range (est.): 2.5-9 mph
  • frame: SkyShark mix
    • P200 spine
    • 3PT lower spreaders
    • 3PT lower leading edge
    • P100 upper leading edge
  • rec. line: 50-80lb Spectra, 65-100 ft.
  • price: $359

note: In development, not yet available.

The SL is a specialized tool for performance and team, as well as competitive flyers, that find themselves in ‘fly-or-die’ situations.

  • wind range (est.) – 1.5-6 mph
  • frame – SkyShark mix
    • P100 spine
    • 2PT lower spreaders
    • 2PT lower leading edge
    • P90 upper leading edge
  • lightweight bridle
  • rec. line – 50-80lb Spectra, 65-100 ft.
  • price: $359

notes: Planned, but not yet in development.