Flames and Eagles on Mambas, oh my!

I sent kites off this week to England, Australia, and the UAE! Perhaps my most global week ever. It also clears my build queue.

So, I took a little time this morning to regroup and make a rough plan for moving forward. Part of the plan was taking a little time and learn a bit of my vector drawing program, so I can actually share the images I see in my head. My previous program was so old (1996!) that it wouldn’t run on an OS newer than Windows XP. My last older school computer died a while back, and I’ve been too lazy to dig in and learn something new.?

The two drawings attached are still rough, but represent the kind of things that might be popping up in the BMK shop. One of my goals this year is to use the shop more effectively and use it in conjunction with my email list. List members get first ‘heads up’ on breaking news and new goodies coming up, or posted to the shop. If you’re not an email list member, you can find a signup form on most pages of the BMK website. You can also find it directly here – https://bluemoonkites.net/email-list-signup/ If you’re not an email list kind of person, that’s OK, because I’ll be sharing news here within a few hours of the mail list going out.

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