BMK Vixen

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BMK Vixen

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Hi All,
Anyone out there own a Vixen? What is it like to fly?

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ken mcneill
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Re: BMK Vixen

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The Vixen is no longer available.

Matt B.
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Re: BMK Vixen

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The vixen is quite wiley it likes to play around in the window and tends to require constant attention(at least when I fly it) unless the winds are super steady. If its gusty out I usually don't take it out For me its definitely more of an active flyer kite. If I have the space I like to let it over fly me and play around with it like a glider kite. It usually draws the attention of some of the more serious flyers in my area when I fly it.

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Re: BMK Vixen

Post by KiteJockey »

I just noticed the Vixen isn't in the lineup anymore. I also see Ken's reply. It is sad to see it go away so quickly. I've enjoyed mine. It is an active flier. It takes at least a little more skill to keep it up. Mine tended to nosedive almost without warning. Any slight variation in the wind would cause it to drop like a brick. Once it started its plummet it was hard to recover.

But still, I like it. I like the design and I have fun playing with it. A light tail can make a little difference in its stability. But I'm not a fan of tails in general.

If you are lucky enough to get one, enjoy it. I don't know how many are out there, but there are probably very few.

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