Design, Sales, Transparency (part one)

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Re: Design, Sales, Transparency (part one)

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As someone who recently purchased from you. Here is why
1) Your reputation on kiting forums brought me to your site
2) Your site is clear on the specs of the kite and described what it is meant for very well
3) I found out you would make it to my color specs
4) Upon contacting you all aspects of the purchase were clear and professional and easy for me
The new M3 Mamba has the added plus(in my mind) of the short( I agree that 45 sec video is plenty) video of what the kite is capable of and how it flies in the sky. I now understand by watching the video what the kite is capable of if one puts the required time on it to progress to such a level. I very much always read peoples reviews on anything I buy, so customer reviews are always a big plus in my eyes.
I am not a high level flyer, but I love to get out and do what I can with my Mamba. To conclude, I bought as a new guy, due to your well earned reputation in the kiting world and your site which was easy to navigate and explained the product. I feel you are already on the correct sales mode for your product, and your honest style sells itself.

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