First Flight

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Re: First Flight

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Nice colors! 😊

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Re: First Flight

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We returned a couple weeks ago from a longish trip to the OR coast. My first post-retirement trip, we had the time to drive instead of fly, take all the proper precautions and to wait out the days of rain and calm. Boy it was nice to get back out on the beach.

I was fortunate to have Ken's demo Tsuru along as well as my favorite 2006 Mamba Std. While we usually had the extremes of wind while there, I did get out with the kites a couple times. Wind during my first flight was in the mid teens, I put on 90# x 95 ft lines and I alternated between the two kites. Both turned crisply and tracked on a rail. Side slides and a fade were doable somewhat in that wind. Pull was even throughout. Very nice.

The last time out the wind was higher and I put on 150# x 120 ft lines. I knew the wind was marginal for a Std but wanted to try one more time before we left. The flight lasted only a couple of minutes as I was being seriously pulled down the beach when flying anywhere near the center of the window. Nice handling toward the sides but I wanted keep the Tsuru intact. Not enough time and too much wind to side-by-side compare with the Mamba that time. I had not taken my Mamba vent along so I switched to a full vent Rev at that point and thought about getting out the Xtra vent.

I have to echo what Allen said. It's a big kites, flies smoothly with a firm pull, tracks and corners very nicely.

My comments have to be taken with my limited abilities in mind. I'm not a trick meister. Personally, I have to say I got along better with the Mamba than the Tsuru but still really liked the Tsuru. I'd love to side-by-side Ken's new M3 with my 2006. That would be another treat.

Thanks for the opportunity, Ken!

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