Tsuru vs M3

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Tsuru vs M3

Post by Ivo »

Dear kiting friends,
I am debating between ordering Tsuru or M3. They both look amazing (I have my favorite, but that’s irrelevant for this post). Let’s talk about differences in flight and feel.
I understand that Tzuru is bigger, but it’s only 3” difference. Does that matter that much? Or are there more features like sail geometry, bridle, etc that make the difference?
I’d love to hear from people who flew one, the other or both – what you liked, how does it feel, what’s your favorite move, figure or even trick.
Second part of the question is UL vs ST. Most UL/SUL kites I’ve flown lose some snappiness / straight cornering at low winds. They become floaty (not necessarily a bad thing, just a different feel). How are Tsuru / M3 from that perspective.
I liked a lot the discussion on “functional” vs “optimal” wind range in the “Kite talk” section of the forum. How would that relate to both kites here?
@Allen Carter, any insight of how you choose which Tsuru you pick from your bag at a given day - UL or ST is appreciated as well.
Thanks everyone (and apologies for all the questions)... ;)

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Re: Tsuru vs M3

Post by paul fouts »

I'll speak to the M3 light/ul/feather. I have been flying it at 75 ft.
It flies in 2-4 mph winds with conviction, full of sail.
It will hold its pace well, but prefers scooting as the wind picks up. Or maybe its me ...
It will convince you that it could be a team precision kite
But It prefers to play, no matter the wind.
It does things I didn't know I asked it to do.
Think freestyle with some things pre-baked in.
As noted in another thread, it loves to flop over onto its back.
Feels smaller than it is on the lines.

I have a std, but I have yet to get to know it; as of late I only have been flying in ul winds and I love the m3ul ...

Allen Carter
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Re: Tsuru vs M3

Post by Allen Carter »

Hi Ivo,

I have owned and extensively flown every version of the Mamba up till now, but not the M3 yet.

I can tell you why I bought the Tsurus first, before the M3. I was looking for something different. I liked the idea of a larger kite made for the kind of flying I like to do.

The Mamba is a pretty big kite by most standards (a “full size” kite) but the Tsuru is larger. This is both in sail area and in "feel". This is not due to just the extra wing span, but the shape of the sail. While the Mamba does have a large wingspan, it is much more nimble than many other full size kites. The Mamba can fly very precisely, and has been used very well in competition and performance flying, but in my book it's always been more of a "freestyle" kite. The Tsuru is slower in flight and easier to fly smoothly (not that the Mamba isn’t smooth). The Tsuru is less of an “all around” kite, more specialized. The Tsuru has excellent speed control. The Mamba loads up faster and accelerates more through the middle of the window.

I would say the the M3 is likely a better kite for most people, but for ME the Tsuru is just what I needed at the moment. Something big for relaxed flying. Also, at the same time, I was buying the new Spur from my other favorite kite maker, and it's a fairly small kite. For when I dont want the slow relaxed stuff... So I got Little and Large in the same week.

The Tsuru can certainly do lots of tricks (see Devin's video) but for me it is not as easy to do some tricks with as the Mamba, and as the M3 seems to be even more trick capable I'd say that an even bigger difference.

Tsuru wind range? I will fly the LT down to practically zero before I pull out a zero wind kite like the PDSUL or Vanishing Point. It get noisy and overpowered around 10mph, so I'd say it's a 1-7 kite for me. In smooth beach wind.

The STD at it's factory bridle settings is still fun to fly fairly low, but easy to fly flat footed in 3-4mph. I prefer it with the towpoints a bit lower, which makes the turns a bit snappier and stalls a bit more positive, but I lose a bit of low end. I havent flown it over maybe 15MPH but at that it was solid. I generally dont fly in wind stronger than that anyway, so it's a 4-15 kite for me.

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