Do you remember your first kite?

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

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I can't really remember my first kite, for that line is blurred.... However I do remember my first dual line kite. It was about 1972, and my mom had purchased it for me at our local Macleods department store. It was a regular diamond shape kite with a plastic frame and yellow poly sail, and very long red poly tail. I so remember flying it at Weaver Park and enthralled with the control I now had of a kite, making spirals and sky writing! Loved it!

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

Post by JohnC »

More like a first kite experience. 7 or 8 years old and flying cellophane or mylar dragon kite with my dad. I had one of those red plastic spools and I think it was close to being all out. The kite seemed to be very high up and it was a hot summer day.

The other event, while about the same age, that really made me interested in kites was during a vacation to Branson, I think, and walking into a kite store with kites hanging from the ceiling, walls, and whimsical pinwheels everywhere. I remember asking my dad if we could get one and maybe for himself because I also remember that nothing was cheap in there. He got me a balsa wood frame kite that I think was supposed to be steerable. I still have it, but never finished up the assembly. Balsa wood was hard to find and I didn't want to crash it or have it broken.

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

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My First Kite was a Prism Fanatic Kite in the summer of 03 , At the time I wanted nothing to do with flying a kite, Needless to say I was forced and obligated to do it.

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

Post by BobD »

I'm just browsing old posts and saw this one.

Come on, guys! Is everyone so new to kites or so young! I got my first kite in Ocean City, NJ about 1970. It was a Vic's fighter kite. I loved learning how to slack and tension the line to make it go where I wanted it to go. I still have it. I flew it for a few years and stopped flying for a long time. My second kite was a Prism Ion in 1997 followed by the Flashlight. I learned to axel and cartwheel with the Flashlight.

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

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I went through a bunch of the old Hi-Flyers paper kites when I was a kid. Mostly the diamonds, I never could get the box kites to fly.

Made my first sewn kite in an art class as a senior in high school (1975). The teacher brought in a book of kites, and we all picked one to build. Mine was a Marconi, which I never could get to fly right. In desperation, I rigged it with a second line so I could control it a bit. Maybe I should have seen that as a sign, huh? :) Never thought that 32 years later, I'd be designing kite roughly based on that Marconi. I still remember that teacher, Tom Vitale. He made quite an impression on me.

Came to kites as an adult in about 1988, after reading an article in Outside Magazine about the Top of the Line Flight Squadron, and thought it was the coolest (attainable) thing I'd ever heard of. Met a couple of guys that fall flying off of a bridge during a festival in my hometown. They had a small business making stunt kites, and I ordered one on the spot. A year later, I moved to Chicago and it was all downhill from there... ;) :D

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

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My first kite was a small diamond kite with dowelling spars and a cotton fabric sail. It flew exactly like Charlie Brown's kite. I would have been about 10. I mentioned this to our next door neighbours who were an Indian family. The grandfather told me he'd teach me how to make a kite. The kite I made after his lesson was still a diamond kite, but made with a bamboo frame, an orange cellophane sail and it was bowed. The first time I flew it it just lifted out of my brother's hand (he was holding it about 100' downwind) and flew beautifully. I was hooked.

In the 1970s, while I was studying photography, David Pelham's book Kites came out and along with the guy I shared a flat with, we started making kites. We even tried to see how many kites we could fly at once. We made about 100 small paper kites and bought a load of cotton on reels from the local market (Portobello Road) and went to Hyde Park. We started flying the kites, pegging the line into the ground and moving on to the next. We had 45 in the sky when we were stopped by the police - you weren't allowed to fly kites in Hyde Park!

Some years later after a hiatus of about 20 years I met a woman who lived near Hampstead Heath and she suggested we went there to fly a kite she'd had in the cupboard for years. I was hooked again.

The first 'serious' kite I bought after I'd seen some other guys flying shapes (tricks hadn't really started then) was a Chris Matheson AzizA. It took a while to do my first axel, but when I did, wow! Next was a Benson Phantom. I was really hooked this time. I started flying pairs (just for fun - the guy I flew with wasn't interested in competition) and also started competing in STACK Winter Leagues. The first time I competed Chris Matheson was the head judge and Carl Robertshaw was the Field Director - no pressure.

That's well past my first kite memory, so I'll stop now.

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Re: Do you remember your first kite?

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bob matteo wrote:
Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:02 pm
The kites have been very cool over the years and I've had more than my share as they both will attest, but, probably more importantly, I've met some terrific kiters I now call friends.
My lips are sealed :D

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