got pics?

I need your pictures! If you have great images of your Blue Moon kites, please click on the image to the right (or below, if you're on your phone) or click here, to send them. Please provide any information you can, such as location, and any other details you'd like to share. Make sure the pictures are sharp and at least 800px on the shortest side. If there are people in the pictures, please identify them and make sure they're OK with having their image plastered across the BMK website.

By submitting a picture, you're giving Blue Moon Kites/Ken McNeill permission to use your image on this website or in any advertising and promotional materials, and attest that you have a legal right to do so. You also give us permission to crop, resize, and do minor alterations to optimize the picture for our use. All images will be credited to the photographer. If, at any time, you decide that you'd rather us not use your image(s) any longer, please let me know and I'll honor your wishes.