It’s Third Thursday!

It might seem a little odd to be excited about it being the third Thursday of the month, but today marks the beginning of something a little different at Blue Moon Kites. I’m going to be shifting the way I approach business just a little. Every ‘Third Thursday’, I’ll do my best to post a small group of special and unique kites that can be ordered. Starting in April, I’ll also be posting a limited number of kites to the shop that will be already built and ready for immediate shipment.

Thank you, to the folks who ordered last month’s four special Mambas! You allowed me to spend the last few weeks working on a new member of the Blue Moon lineup. It’s still too early for details, but I will tell you that it’s a sport kite that I’m very excited about! When it’s ready, I’ll send out a short list-mail with the announcement.  update: the kite I mentioned here has been put on hold, and it’s back to the drawing board for me! Sorry if I made it sound like a release was imminent. Sometimes these things take an unexpected twist.

Today, I have another group of special kites available for order. This group continues the ‘Eagles and Flames theme from last month, but I’ve changed the colors on three of the kites, with the only duplicate being another ‘Hot Flame’ Mamba. These kites will be added to the build queue and should be on my table in 3-4 weeks. If you click on the images at the bottom, you’ll be redirected to the shop page for that kite.

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