The MacStar has been retired. I am, however, planning a new kite inspired by this BMK classic. Keep an eye open for several shiny new kites in the coming months!

I designed the MacStar in 1993 as an exploration of alternative forms and methods. It's a great flyer with interesting features. I built a couple for myself, which I flew for many years, but never released it for sale. Somewhere along the way, the star kite got put on the shelf while I focused on other aspects of kiting. A while back, I dusted off the old bird and updated the design with a bit of what I’ve learned over the years. The resulting kite is tougher, simpler, more consistent, and a better flyer than the original ever was.

As you can see, the body consists of twelve equilateral triangles, joined at the corners and supported by a simple radial frame. The MacStar uses simple geometric patterns for the panels of body and tail, which can be configured in a large variety of layouts, just a few of which you can see on this page.

The MacStar comes in two graphic patterns – the angular “tri-radial”, and the curved “fan”. Pricing and specs are the same for both patterns. Where the two diverge is in the positioning of the panels themselves. The “fan” pattern requires that the panels be cut and oriented in certain directions to control flight and wear. The “tri-radial” pattern allows us the flexibility of moving the panels around for a while to get a completely different look.

MacStar specs

  • span, point to point - 98″
  • wind range - 4-18 mph
  • sail material - Icarex PC31
  • frame - pultruded carbon
  • line: 150-250lb Dacron
  • custom made to order