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The Vixen assembly may seem a little daunting when you first unroll your kite, but It's really not that complicated. Take a minute and take a good look at the image below to get a general sense of how things go together. One of the first things you'll notice is that on the twin spines,  the black Dacron sleeve that encloses the spars points down at the front and up at the rear.

important - Safety is paramount when setting up or taking down your Vixen. The bowed spars for the wing and tail are under a lot of stress when tensioned, and hold a great deal of stored energy. Use caution when making the connections at the wing and tail tips, and be sure to not have yourself or others in the position to be in the path of a spar. Please double check all of your connections.

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Let's start at the back...

And, we move to the front...

Bridle connection and tuning...

Overall shot of the bridle. The tow point was moved for the picture.

More details coming soon, but just a couple quick notes to get started.

Your bridle should come marked with a piece of tape marking "front" for the front connection. If this is missing, the tow point is probably oriented more towards the front connection.

If your Vixen has a tow point mark, this is just a reference and you'll need to adjust for your wind conditions. For stable flight, set the tow point as far forward as you can and still get lift. At altitude, the rear bridle legs should be almost slack.

If you'd like to fly down "low and slow" and play with your kite a bit, move the tow point back. The further you move it back, the less directional stability your Vixen will have.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    I’ve been looking for years and have finally managed to acquire and import a Vixen from the US to the UK. I’ve looked on your site as I was hoping to find some setup instructions to help me put it together. Seems they are missing apart from the information on bridle connections and tuning.
    Can you help please ?

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