Moonie Mamba ordering – the nuts and bolts

I’ve had a few messages from folks about the ordering process for the Moonie Mambas. Please let me take a few minutes and try to answer questions about ordering and beyond. (“Me” or “I” in the following, is Ken McNeill)

In case you missed it or came in late, the offer will be in three stages, kicking off Monday the 13th at 11:00 AM EST –

11:00 AM – A message will go out to the email list, containing a link to the private shop listing.
12:00 Noon – The shop ordering link will be shared with the BMK Facebook group.
1:00 PM – The shop listing will go public.

1) If you’ve never bought anything through the shop on the BMK site, or it’s been a while, you can save yourself time and frustration by setting up or updating your account now. It’s quick and painless.

From the header menu on any page of the Blue Moon Kites website, hover over “shop” and you’ll get a drop-down menu. Click on “my account”. If you already have an account, and remember your password or have it saved, log in and check your billing and shipping addresses. If you think you have an account, but can’t remember your password, you can reset it. If you don’t have an account, just enter your info and choose a username and password.

Yes, you can check out as a guest and not create an account, but why not do it ahead of time? Having an account on the BMK website does not sign you up for any emails, although you can do that if you wish. Your information is secure, and I’ll never share it with anyone without your permission.  

2) Take a minute and go through the ordering process in the shop. Add something to your cart and familiarize yourself with how things work. You can delete things from your cart at any time. Go through the checkout process if you’d like. I’d prefer if you back out before clicking “Proceed to PayPal”, but if you do, you can still cancel from there.

3) Please be aware that only the $50 deposit is being accepted at his time. Your deposit will be applied towards the total for your kite. The total price is $399 plus shipping. I will invoice you for the balance when your kite is on my table. It works best for me to get paid when I do the work.

If, at any point, you change your mind or have something come up and need to cancel your order, please contact me. If more than 30 days from your projected build slot, I will either refund your deposit or offer you “store credit”. If there is a waiting list, I will make the necessary changes and adjustments to transfer your order, Deposits and/or build queue slots are not transferable except by me. Any changes, adjustments, etc. will be handled through me.

4) In the chance that you wanted, but were not able to order one of the Moonie Mambas, I can start a waiting list and advise you if one becomes available.

5) As I’ve mentioned before, my plan is to build these at the rate of 4-5 a month until completed. Unless otherwise specified and agreed, kites will be built in the same sequence as orders were received. On the ordering page, there are two choices for timing, “ASAP” (as soon as possible), and “no hurry”. In this case, ASAP means that your kite will be built in the order described above. “No hurry” means that you are flexible and open to your order being moved back a little, within reason.

Be aware that, at 4-5 kites a month, it may be several months before your kite is built! Once all of the orders are in, I’ll make a page where you can track your kite’s progress using your order number.

As usual, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please leave them below. Thanks, see you on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Moonie Mamba ordering – the nuts and bolts

  1. Ken,
    I sent you an email at ken@kmacfab as well. I set up an account, I bought a mug to go through the process and was able to use my credit card, but I still see no way to give you my $50 deposit for the Mamba???? Help!!! I want your kite!

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