Moonie Mamba Progress

You can use this table to track the progress of your kite. The only identifier is the order number, which you can find on your deposit receipt. The order numbers are five digits beginning with “11”. I’m leaving the 11 off and just using the last three numbers. If you can’t find your order number, please contact me and I’ll look it up for you.

I’ll be building these in batches of 4-5 a month until the run is completed. Your target start date range is subject to change. The build start date range reflects the difference in doing five in a batch vs four. It will take me a couple of batches to know how long it’s taking, and I’ll make needed adjustments to the schedule at that time. Please check this chart periodically for updates.

When your kite’s batch is coming up, I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal. The balance of $349 plus shipping will be due upon invoice receipt.

If you have comments or questions of a general nature, please use the comment section below.

order numberkite number
frame styletarget start date rangeon table / completed
✔ / ✔
shipped / delivered
✔ / ✔
order numberkite number
frame styletarget start date rangeon table / completed
✔ / ✔
shipped / delivered
✔ / ✔
4161UL8 June 1 (update below)✔ /
4172UL8 June 1✔ /
4183UL8 June 1✔ /
4224UL8 June 1✔ /
4245UL8 June 1✔ /
4266Std1 July
4307UL1 July
4338Std1 July
4379UL1 July
44410UL1 July - 5 Aug
44511UL5 Aug
44612Std5 Aug
45013UL5 Aug
45414UL5 Aug - 2 Sep
46115UL5 Aug - 2 Sep
47216UL2 Sep
48117UL2 Sep
482a18UL2 Sep - 30 Sep
482b19Std2 Sep - 30 Sep
48920Std2 Sep - 30 Sep
49321UL30 Sep
50122UL30 Sep - 28 Oct
50523UL30 Sep - 28 Oct
50924UL30 Sep - 28 Oct
51325UL30 Sep - 28 Oct
53726UL28 Oct - 25 Nov
54527Std28 Oct - 25 Nov
54928UL28 Oct - 25 Nov
55729Std28 Oct - 25 Nov
56130UL28 Oct - 25 Nov

Updates >>

1 Running a few days behind getting started on the first batch. Should have #s 1-5 on the table early on the 8th.  I’d expect this group to be completed around the 17th. Please be looking for an invoice sometime on Friday. You’ll get a shipping notice when your kite’s going in the box. Thanks!

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