Moonie Mamba!

An anniversary edition of a “Moonie Mamba” is happening!

As you may know, I offered a limited build of 25 special Mambas in 2004. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of that kite, as well as the 20th anniversary of Blue Moon, let’s do this again!

This will be a limited run, with a maximum of 25 30 kites offered for sale, plus 3 for myself (one to keep and two for gifts or donation). At my current capacity, I’m able to add these to the schedule at a rate of 4-5 kites a month. If I start the first of them around the last week of May, the run should be completed sometime in December. The kites will be numbered in the order built. The cost will be $399, including a $50 deposit. Your choice of std or UL framing.

Like the classics from 2004, these will feature white sails with purple and sky blue accents. The logo will be updated to the version shown here. The logo colors are sky blue, silver and black.

Over the next few days, I’ll draw and post a mockup of the design. I’ll also set up a listing in the shop for taking a deposit, selecting a frame choice, and keeping track of everything. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the offer will be in three stages, kicking off Monday the 13th at 11:00 AM EST

11:00 AM – A message will go out to the email list, containing a link to the private shop listing.
12:00 Noon – The shop ordering link will be shared with the BMK Facebook group.
1:00 PM – The shop listing will go public.

I’m currently a little swamped with work trying to get a couple of orders finished up, as well as building myself something to fly at next weekend’s festival in Grand Haven, MI. I ask, please, if you have questions, ask them in the comment section below, or on the BMK Facebook group. If I’ve forgotten something, or have any addendums, I’ll post them here.


edit: If timing is an issue for adding a Moonie Mamba to your quiver, it’s possible to reserve a place on the list with the $50 deposit and push yourself down if needed for the big chunk. I’ll try to add a place to choose “no hurry” to the order info, but there is a place in the checkout process for notes. After orders come in, and time allows, I’ll be able to talk with folks about scheduling.

edit: In response to an enthusiastic reception, I’m adding 5 to the maximum number of Moonie Mambas, bringing the total offered for sale to 30. Thanks!

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