Moonie stops by for a visit

You might have noticed from the site header that my old friend Moonie has once again graced us with his presence. After a self-imposed exile to Costa Rica, Moonie showed up at 3 AM a couple of days ago with a case of good beer and a stack of Warren Zevon cassette tapes. He was mumbling something under his breath about kites and politics and how you just can’t find good grits in Central America. The only cassette player is in my old truck, so we sat out in the driveway until dawn drinking his beer, telling lies and making big plans. I think we woke up the lady next door blasting Lawyers, Guns, and Money. We finished off the beer listening to Don’t Let Us Get Sick just as the sun came up over Hibriten mountain.

It’s sure good to see Moonie again. Don’t know how long he’s staying, but he’s welcome as long as he doesn’t tick off Holly, and brings by beer once in a while. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he says it’s OK that the gig’s not named after him anymore.

edit – 27 Aug 2017
In retrospect, Moonie may be a little more upset about the name of the business than he let on. I’ve been hearing him mumble down low something about “You’d be nothin’ without me kid.”  What is that lunatic up to?

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