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note: I’ve flipped the colors on the flames for this kite since posting earlier, to give better contrast with the black background. The original version is shown in the thumbnail gallery, and if you’d prefer that one, that’s OK with me too!

The flames for this special Mamba are based on part of a graphics package that I did for the Fire & Ice Kite Team a couple of years ago. The flames have been modified slightly to work a little better as a stand-alone element.

If you look closely at the large size of the product image, you might notice that the black part of the sail is a full-paneled Mamba, and the flames have been laid into the 18-panel sail. If you’ve seen the ‘Moonie’ or ‘Eagle’ Mamba pictures, you’ll see that those kites employ a reduced panel version of the sail. I’ve left all of the panels in on this kite to add a little extra sparkle as it moves through the sky. If you’ve ever seen a solid-color Icarex kite in the sun, you probably noticed that as it moves through the wind window, panels that are oriented in different directions will light up and shimmer at different places in the sky. The black multi-panel sail will do that, and glimmer like a jewel in the sky.

You have the choice of framing your kite as a standard or UL. For full specifications and details, please see the Mamba page.

I apologize that there are only drawings of the kites at this point. That’s because the order for this kite is for the first of its kind or color! There is only one kite being offered at this time in this graphic and color.  Your kite will ship in 3-4 weeks, depending on your place in the short order queue.

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