The Mamba has been discontinued.



The place to start on this page is with the thumbnail images in the gallery. Check out the three ‘collections’ and the colors. Make note of the collection’s name, and the number next to the kite you’d like to see. Select each of these, as well as your framing choice, in the drop-downs. Verify that the header picture in the gallery is displaying your selection, and you’re good to go. If you’re on a phone, your selection will display right below the drop-downs. You’ll also see a thumbnail of your selection in the cart on your way to checkout.

  • notes –
    ** You’ll see a double asterisk next to the number or color description of some primarily grayscale-colored Mambas. This means that you can change the tagged color to any shown in that combination’s image. You’ll need to type the alternative keel color in the text box just above the “add to cart” button. The product image will not change, but your selection will be clearly displayed in your order as seen in the cart, checkout page, and confirmation email.
  • The price of the Mamba is $379. Shipping is not included and will be added to your final invoice. North Carolina customers, I must add sales tax to your total. International customers – taxes, duties, etc. are the responsibility of the customer and will be handled with your delivery agent prior to delivery.
  • I will contact you after receiving your order with your place in the build queue, estimated wait time, and balance due. I’ll send an invoice for the balance when I have your kite on the table.

If you haven’t been there already, you can find more information and specifications on the Mamba page.



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