This is a deposit against a Blue Moon TR-10. The TR-10 is BMK’s modern rokkaku variant, crafted from the finest materials available.

I need to build at least one more TR-10 prototype with minor tweaks before it’s final. Nothing major, just fit and finish stuff. I should have that finished up early next week, and be ready to start working on your orders the next day!

Please be sure to scroll down for relevant info before placing your order. ⇩



The place to start on this page is with the composite group picture in the gallery. If you find something you like, take note of the number at the top-left of each individual kite drawing, this will be our reference number. This is our starting point for your kite.

  • The price of the TR-10 is $369, including USA shipping.
  • There will be a $35 charge for full-custom kites, to cover my additional time.
  • As a thank you for your pre-order, you’re welcome to change one color of your kite, for no extra charge (this is a limited-time offer). After you click and add your deposit to the cart, proceed to the checkout page.
  • At the bottom of the checkout page, under the title “Additional Information,” leave me a note. Perhaps something like – “Combo 13, please change red to purple – or #13, as-is.”
  • I will contact you after receiving your order with your place in the build queue, estimated wait time, a confirmation of your colors, and balance due. I’ll send an invoice for the balance when I have your kite on the table.
  • International customers – taxes, duties, etc. are the responsibility of the customer and will be handled with your delivery agent prior to delivery.

Basic specs

  • 79″ tall, 45″ wide
  • Sail is Icarex PC31 polyester, with Mylar and Dacron reinforcements
  • Your TR-10 is framed in SkyShark wrapped carbon.
  • Preliminary wind range is 4-15MPH. Final range is TBD.



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