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Deposit against a BMK Tsuru

Please be sure to scroll down for more relevant info before placing your order. Thanks!



This is a deposit against a Tsuru kite. This deposit secures your place in the build queue. If you have questions about the kite, please ask them before checking out here. If your question is of general nature, please consider joining the BMK forum and asking it there. Otherwise, please contact me.

I will contact you within two days of your deposit to work out details (colors, etc.), as well as your estimated wait time.

Total price of the Tsuru is $359 USD plus any shipping, taxes, duties, etc.┬á If you’re not familiar with ordering a kite here at Blue Moon, please check out my Custom Orders page.

If you haven’t been there already, you can find more information and specifications on the Tsuru page.

1 review for Tsuru deposit

  1. pudders (verified owner)

    The deposit is a great way to reserve your Tsuru and save your place in line. I did it. Many before you have done it. Just do it already! As for the kite, The Tsuru flies so effortlessly and has one of the widest wind ranges of any kite I can remember flying. It is smooth in almost all wind conditions. I usually fly in very low winds, and this kite is just fine for that even framed standard.

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