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VCL+1, you ask? It’s shorthand for a bit of Googled Latin, which very roughly translates to ‘wind, hydration, freedom’. Or, as they’d say in the old country – ventum, cervisia, libertatis. The +1 is the addition of our old pal, “Moonie”.

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All of the remaining shirts are  XL in stone blue.

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The four-panel artwork on the back of our shirt is based on a design that I commissioned from Mike Loskov back in 2004 but never used. I’ve added ‘Moonie’ to the fourth panel to fill out the design.

This is the last of this exact shirt to be produced. The four-panel back design, and the retro Blue Moon logo on the front, will not be used again. Once this batch of shirts is gone, it’s gone.

These unisex shirts are screen printed on a 6.1 oz. Hanes tee in 100% cotton. There’s only a handful available, in limited sizes. They’re all the stonewashed blue color. The color is a little off in the mockups and is closer to the inset on the shirt front picture.

Thanks to the folks who pre-ordered, and made all of this possible, we hit a quantity price-break I wasn’t expecting. So, what to do? That’s right, I ordered a few extra shirts! If you were asleep for the pre-order or were off playing in the sun and sand while the rest of us were freezing our tuchuses off, here’s your chance.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 0.5 in



stonewashed blue


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