Stepping away for a few days…

I know this may seem like odd timing, with just introducing two new kites and launching the forum, but I need to go ‘dark’ for the next several days.

The kites are out there, and building a little buzz. The forum is up and running, and seems to be relatively bug-free so far.

I’m heading to Wisconsin early this coming Friday morning to fly some kites, and more importantly, catch up with some dear old friends and meet some new ones. I have one big kite project to finish up today, which leaves me four days to do what should be about 10 days work.

I’ll check in evenings, and try to stay somewhat current. What I won’t be able to do is engage in long back-and-forth conversations via email, Facebook, forum, etc. I’ll be on the road all day on Friday and Monday, and should be back in my studio sometime on Tuesday, the 8th.

Let me know if anything catches fire, or absolutely, positively, critically needs my attention!

Take care, be nice to each other, fly a kite!

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