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I received an email from my t-shirt supplier a couple of days ago. They are experiencing an unexpected business spike. While I’m happy that they’re busy, especially at this point, it’s causing production delays due to the volume of orders. Couple that with not being able to hire more staff right now, resulting in overtime pay. They’ve also had expenses from adding new machinery to handle the increased business. All of this means that there will be a slight increase in prices. They’re saying that the price increase is temporary, and it will be $1 per shirt across the board, starting this coming Sunday, the 17th.

I’m going to absorb the price increase on most of the shirts for now, with the exception of the ‘Irrational’ tee. The front and back printing means two printing charges. I’ve had the double-print shirts priced lower than costs should demand, but I will need to increase the price on that shirt. The price range will increase by $1 to $20.99-$23.99.

We’re seeing some delays in t-shirt production due to business and staffing issues. These won’t be permanent, but please be understanding until things settle down.

Also, I’ve seen some slowing of shipping times, but nothing too dramatic domestically. Maybe an extra day or two cross-country. I can’t speak to international shipping times yet, but I would expect some delays there too for kite shipping. T-shirts go through different channels than I use for kites, and there have been major service interruptions for international shipping. It’s been suggested that we discontinue international t-shirt orders until things get back to normal, and I will be doing so immediately. I will continue international shipping for kites, but please be aware of potential delays, and changes to service availability.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

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