T-Shirts? Absolutely!

The pre-order’s ended for this shirt, but we were able to order a few extras in limited sizes. Check out the VCL+1 Tee in the shop.

I’m happy to present the first Blue Moon Kites t-shirt! While going through some old files a couple of months ago, I found a design Mike Loskov created for me in 2004 but never used. I stripped it of a corny tag line I’d included, and let the artwork stand on its own.

The original design was three panels, but I took the liberty of adding a fourth and including the “Moonie” logo to fill the back of our shirt. It’s coupled with a version of the BMK logo that I designed about the same time.

I do plan to release a shirt featuring Mike’s original 3-panel design later this year. In fact, I have concepts for 3-4 more shirts over the next year. If you’d like to be the first to know when a new design or product is released, please sign up for our email list.

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