A big thanks, a three-day sale, more news and notes…

Thank you, my friends –

Thank you, to all that helped make it possible for Blue Moon Kites to see another new year! 2020 was a year unlike any in my lifetime, and probably yours as well. Our world has seen more than its share of tears and uncertainty, but also heroes and survivors. I pray that 2021 brings us times of much joy and health, peace, tolerance, justice, and prosperity. I hope that soon we’ll be able to share a field or beach, brought together in celebration of the things that bond us, and the people we admire, respect, and love. I look forward to many hugs and handshakes and being able to fly kites, shoulder to shoulder, with my friends and family, old and new.

Three Day Sale – 

sale expired

As normally happens this time of year, business has dropped off precipitously. The bills, oddly enough, have not. So, I need to kick things into a higher gear to keep things rolling, as well as generate a little cash to replenish inventory levels on materials.

From now through Monday, the 18th, get 10% off on any new kite order! If you’ve had a Blue Moon kite on your wish list, it might be a good time to take the plunge. If you’re there spiritually, but the piggy bank says “not quite”, a $50 deposit by Monday, on the kite of your choice, will let you take the 10% off any kite I can get on my table before the end of February.

Other News and Notes –

– 2020 saw one totally new kite and one major re-think of an old friend, to the BMK lineup. The Tsuru is the new kid on the block, and it’s doing well. I’m very pleased with the response and look forward to seeing many Tsuru on the ends of lines in the coming years. The M3 is a major update and re-thinking of my classic Mamba. This one has come on a little softer, but it’s a sleeper. I predict the M3 will open a lot of eyes this year.

– The BMK ‘Flight Line’ forum is up and running, and we’ve had some great conversations. What it needs, is your voice. Join us!

– I’ve added a reviews tool to each of the kite pages on the BMK site. I look for it to be a great way to share owner reviews. If you own a Blue Moon kite that’s still on the menu, from the Ichiban to the Tsuru, please take a minute and share your thoughts.

– For most of the last 20 years, I’ve worked out of a tiny 153 sq. ft. studio tacked onto the back of the garage. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be taking over the dining room of our home, and my studio will become a cabinet shop. I’ve got a new kitchen to build, as time and resources permit! This will also make it possible to make some much-needed updates to both spaces. Lumber, plumbing, and Icarex don’t come cheap, so please keep us in mind when you feel the need for a new wind toy. 😉

Thank you, once again. Be well, be happy. I hope to see you all out there soon.

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