Tsuru and M3 pre-orders and queue update

Thank you, to all of the folks that have placed pre-orders for the Tsuru and Mamba M3 in the last few weeks! Your enthusiasm about the kites, and your faith in me to deliver something you’ll enjoy, thrill me more than I can tell you. I’d like to give you a quick status update.

Bottom line is that I’m running at least two weeks behind my original build schedule on the Tsuru and Mamba M3. That means that if I gave you an original target build date, I’m going to miss it by at least that long, quite possibly longer.

I’m sorry for the delay. There have been several factors, including materials and last-minute tweaks in the design and execution of both kites. Please keep in mind that BMK is a one-man operation, and I only have so much time in a day. I underestimated the amount of work to be done before I was truly ready to dive into a dedicated production mode.

If this delay is unacceptable, I understand, and will gladly refund deposits as funds allow. I’ll be working hard in the coming weeks to get caught up and try to better stay ahead on things.

My nature is to try and please everybody, but it’s taken me almost 63 years to discover I’m probably not going to do that. I’m finding myself apologizing for delays more often than meeting time promises. So, moving forward, I’ll be trying to discipline myself to not ‘bite off more than I can chew.’  I’ll be accepting orders more on an ‘it will be done when it’s done’ basis.  Working through dinner and getting back up at 03:00 has lost a great deal of its appeal over the years. 😉

Thank you, all, for allowing me to spend my days doing something that I (mostly 🙂 ) love.


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