Win my Tsuru!

How about a kite for Thanksgiving? I have a very nice Tsuru demo, with very little time on the clock, that you can win!

As you probably know, I opened the Blue Moon Kites forum at the end of August, and everything is going great, but we need more active members! To that end, BMK is having a little contest. Here’s the plan – at the end of the day on November 20th I will select, at random, the name of one forum member who will win the kite.

You know there’s fine print involved, right? Well, here it is – at the time of the drawing, you need to be a member in good standing of the Blue Moon Kites forum, and have three substantive posts or replies. What’s a substantive post? It’s a post that contains at least one complete sentence that adds value to the conversation, not just a word or two. If you’re a current member, and already have three posts, good job, you’re already in the draw pool! That’s it, that’s all there is to it!

The prize kite is my personal demo/test kite and will have a few easy hours on it. It’s the purple Tsuru, standard frame, that’s in the attached pictures. It does have a series of very small holes in each leading edge that will be cleanly covered with insignia tape. I’ll even pay for shipping in the US. If the winner is from outside the US, they will be responsible for the cost of shipping, taxes, duties, etc.

Join the BMK forum today for a chance to win my Tsuru!

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