As you can see from the images to the left, the Ichiban has a new graphic treatment for 2018!  The new graphics open up a great number of options for customizing the looks of your kite.

The classic Ichiban pattern, as seen below, will continue to be available to those that prefer it. Also available are a couple of options for the tail section in the classic version. In addition to the "banner" tail, which has been on the Ichiban since 2013, the "split" tail is also available. Both options can be seen in the gallery images below. Only the split tail is available on the Ichi '18.

The Ichiban had several design influences. Take a little Cody, add in a little Lynn, and maybe a touch of Bucky Fuller. Put it all in a mixing bowl with a good dash of secret seasoning, and you get something special and unique.

I've built a lot of kites over the years, but none gives me quite the youthful joy of having a toy on Christmas morning that I get with the first assembly of a new Ichiban. One minute, it's a big pile of frame parts and sail sections - and then suddenly it's something more, something that sometimes makes me say aloud to myself, "cool".

Note: What's the difference between the Ichiban and Reprise? Get the scoop.

Ichiban specs -

  • wingspan – 114″
  • length – 86″
  • wind range – 4-16 mph
  • sail material – PC31 Polyester
  • frame – SkyShark mix
  • line – 150-250lb Dacron
  • custom made to order
  • price: $699 +/-
  • contact me to order your Ichiban!

Note – some of the images may show premium or owner-supplied options.

video courtesy of Glenn Blanchard

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