The 61/49 is a light wind, controllable single line kite. It can make those days with light and variable, frustrating winds fun!  One of our friends calls the 61/49 “the most fun you can have with only one line!” I tend to agree. It’s a natural bridge between the worlds of the static single liner and the often frantic stunt kite.

Most of our pictures don’t do the 61/49 justice, but once you see one, (or better yet, fly it) it’s only a short leap to needing one of your own. Its graceful lines and sculptural form make it a natural for display in your home or office, but trust me, this one belongs in the air. The turns and lines you carve with the 61/49 in the sky are even more gratifying!

Note – some of the images may show premium or owner-supplied options.

About the name...

The name 61/49 is inspired by the legend of 1930's blues man Robert Johnson. Robert was a solid but unexceptional musician with a strong desire to be the best that ever lived. They say that one dark Mississippi midnight, Robert met the devil down at the crossroads and made a deal for the talent to be the best in exchange for his soul. That crossroads? You guessed it, the intersection of routes 61 and 49. As for Robert Johnson, he died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 27, having recorded only 42 "takes" of 29 songs. His music, however, has lived on to inspire and influence many musicians, including Keith Richards and Eric Clapton.

61/49 specs

  • wingspan: 63.5″
  • height: 64.0″
  • wind range: 0-8 mph
  • sail mat’l: PC31 polyester
  • frame: SkyShark 3PT & P200
  • line: 150lb Dacron
  • custom price: $249
  • contact me to order your custom 61/49!
  • in-stock 61/49's are occasionally available in the BMK shop.

61/49 setup and tuning

video courtesy of Steve Hall