Originally conceived as a replacement for my Ichiban, the Reprise has earned its place as a worthy stablemate. The simple and unadorned panels of the Reprise have come to be a natural canvas for custom graphics, a good example being the Red Eagle artwork.


What's the difference between the Reprise and Ichiban? Get the scoop.

Reprise Specs

  • wingspan – 110″
  • length – 79″
  • recommended wind range – 4-16 mph
  • sail material – PC31 Polyester
  • frame – SkyShark mix
  • recommended line – 150lb Dacron
  • custom made to order
  • price: starting at $669
  • contact me to order your Reprise!

Note – some of the images may show premium or owner-supplied options.

Reprise No.1 in light winds. 3mph on only 2 point. Custom crafted by Ken McNeill - video courtesy of Leong Chee Wan (Ceewan)