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What's the difference between the Reprise and Ichiban? Get the scoop.

Note – some of the images may show premium or owner-supplied options.

Notes & more...

Q – Does the Reprise need a tail?
A – The biggest thing the tail does is look cool, and I think that’s reason enough. The other thing a tail can do is to help prevent the Reprise from “over-flying,” past vertical.

In some winds, the Reprise and Ichiban will fly like a Genki, right overhead. If the wind is gusting up there, the kite can accelerate past the point where there is tension on the line. If the bridle is adjusted correctly, it will help most of this behavior, as will a tail that adds drag – keeping the kite a bit lower in the window.

I like a tail with the Reprise, for visuals, if nothing else. The tails I recommend the most are the 48ft transition tails from Gomberg Kites, and their 2ft x 75ft streamer flag tail.  I am happy to discuss crafting custom color and fabric matched tails for your kite if you’d like.

Reprise Specs

  • wingspan – 110″
  • length – 79″
  • recommended wind range – 4-16 mph
  • sail material – PC31 Polyester
  • frame – SkyShark mix
  • recommended line – 150lb Dacron
  • price: starting at $619

Reprise setup and tuning »

Reprise No.1 in light winds. 3mph on only 2 point. Custom crafted by Ken McNeill - video courtesy of Leong Chee Wan (Ceewan)