I'm happy to announce that BMK has a new kite in the final stages of development! I'm calling it the TR-10, which was a development designation, but grew on me. TR for tri-radial, which is the building block for my MacStar and 61/49, and 10 for the number of 3-part triangles (30pcs!), of which the kite is constructed.

The panels of the triangles can be individually oriented to best handle the stresses the kites generate. I find it a fun and efficient building block. The TR-10 takes a modified Rokkaku shape, largely driven by the shape of the blocks. This classic form will make a great segue into the designs I have planned to follow!

Until this page is complete, and I have enough pictures to create a decent gallery, please check out the shop pre-order page for the TR-10!

TR-10 specs

  • 79″ tall, 45″ wide
  • Sail is Icarex PC31 polyester, with Mylar and Dacron reinforcements
  • Your TR-10 is framed in SkyShark wrapped carbon.
  • Preliminary wind range is 4-15MPH. Final range is TBD.
  • Price: $369, including USA shipping