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This is a deposit against a 61/49 kite. Choose from 27 pre-configured combinations, with another 21 keel color variations!

Please be sure to scroll down for relevant info before placing your order. ⇩

Build your 61/49!



The place to start on this page is with the thumbnail images in the gallery. Check out the three ‘collections’ and the colors. Make note of the collection’s name, and the number next to the kite you’d like to see. Select each of these in the drop-downs. Verify that the header picture in the gallery is displaying your selection, and you’re good to go. If you’re on a phone, your selection will display right below the drop-downs. You’ll also see a thumbnail of your selection in the cart on your way to checkout.

  • notes –
    ** You’ll see a double asterisk next to the number or color description of some primarily grayscale colored 61/49s. This means that you can change the tagged color to any shown in that combination’s image. You’ll need to type the alternative keel color in the text box just above the “add to cart” button. The product image will not change, but your selection will be clearly displayed in your order as seen in the cart, checkout page, and confirmation email.
    * Slate is a limited availability color. It was discontinued several years ago, but I have a few yards on hand. Once the fabric is gone, the color is no more.
  • If you’re interested in a full-custom 61/49, select Full Custom 61/49 and Custom from the drop-downs. Complete your check-out, and I will be in touch, usually within a few hours. You can find more about ordering a custom kite on my custom orders page.
  • The price of the 61/49 is $279. Shipping is not included and will be added to your final invoice. International customers – taxes, duties, etc. are the responsibility of the customer and will be handled with your delivery agent prior to delivery.
  • I will contact you after receiving your order with your place in the build queue, estimated wait time, and balance due. I’ll send an invoice for the balance when I have your kite on the table.

If you haven’t been there already, you can find more information and specifications on the 61/49 page.

4 reviews for 61/49

  1. Bob Drosdick

    I’ve had my 61/49 for many years and love it. It’s not a kite that likes a lot of wind and flies best when the breeze is a bit light. It flies like a fighter when it’s slacked and is great fun. Some of the attachment points got a bit twisted but were easily fixed. Ken’s very helpful in diagnosing problems and finding solutions. The ferrule on the cross spreader got unglued and slipped in the tube, cracking the other tube. Best to keep an eye on that.

  2. Bunduki Vlieger

    I bought my 61/49 last year. The contact, the handling and the shipping to Germany went very well. Even after the purchase Ken was there to help me with advice and action. Thank you very much.

    The 61/49 is a very special kite that I love to fly. It has very special flying characteristics that you have to get involved with – and then it is a lot of fun. In the sky it looks just great!

    Bunduki Vlieger

  3. Evan (verified owner)

    A fantastic kite I always keep on hand for when the wind goes away. Superb craftsmanship and a joy to fly, it has saved many flying sessions with only a breath of a breeze.

  4. corgimas

    One of my favorite kites to pull out anywhere. Handles extremely low winds and I put mine away around 6mph. Super easy to pack up, carry and assemble. Ken makes a fantastic kite that offers a lot of fun in the outdoors.

    Give it lots of slack and it will happily play like a kitten on a string, It is not a lightweight per se so if you give it a lot of slack and the wind dies it will promptly drop directly unless it has some forward momentum, then it would be in a glide at a relatively high angle.

    Def a kite that you will want to fly in as many wind conditions as you can so that you can get a feel and know how the kite would respond.
    This kite is not a small UL kite, it has a large footprint and that provides both wonderful control when you learn to use it, but also fills the sky very nicely for any audience.

    Multiple places that you can manually adjust for flight changes, how tight is the front sails pulled down to the spine, attachment point on the bridle, etc… but honestly after many years with mine I have never changed them, it comes from Ken in a perfect set up. Get one and fly it, you will not regret it!

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