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TBD std. -
  • wingspan: 94.5"
  • height: 44.5"
  • wind range: 3-18
  • sail mat'l: PC31 polyester
  • frame: SkyShark Nitro
  • recommended line: 90lb x 75' - 150lb x 125'
  • includes: bag, weight kit, yo-yo stoppers
  • price: $359
  • contact me to order your custom Muse
  • wind range: 1.5-8
  • frame: SkyShark 3PT
  • recommended line: 50lb x 65' - 100lb x 125'
  • price: $359

Misc info

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Diego Querol shared his beautiful Arts&Crafts images back in March on the forums. Since then he shared two more sets related to this great personal project, the upper area of the studio and a Tattoo Salon, as well as winning the 3dawards with the image behind. Today he takes us for a ride into his great looking mess of things, breaking it down to bits from initial concept to final post-production. Enjoy!

TBD gallery -

mini gallery here

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