BMK Sport Kite #XXX

Thank you, to all of the folks who have been so gracious and patient these last several months, as I’ve been wrapping up the sport kite part of my little business. I hope you enjoy your kites. It’s been a pleasure and an honor creating them for you.

The last Ken McNeill / Blue Moon Kites sport kite is on its way to its new owner! For most of the past three decades, it’s been my honor and pleasure to craft kites for flyers around the globe. For most of that time, the overwhelming majority was sport kites. I keep getting the same question – Why? Well, it’s simply the right time for me.

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An anniversary…

2019 was the 20th anniversary of the inception of Blue Moon Kites. The beginning was longer and messier than I would have preferred, and there was that “vacation” a few years ago, but overall it’s been a good ride. It never would have happened without the friendship and support of a lot of fine folks along the way.

Mike Gillard and I first talked about it on the patio of the hotel we were staying at while attending the KTA show in Clearwater, FL in 1999. It became “Blue Moon” at least in part because there were two blue moons early that year. The name was also inspired by the backup band of one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters, Nanci Griffith.

In September of that year, I brought a handful of new kites to the festival at the Air Force Museum in Dayton. They were well received, and I was encouraged to move forward. After the festival, Holly (my wife) and I spent some time with Mike and his family at their home in Columbus OH, and started dreaming and scheming in earnest.  

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OK, where’s the colorizer?

Short answer- sorry, there isn’t one.

Longer version – I’m not publishing a colorizer for the kites.  I know, for some people, it’s a good tool to help visualize color combinations.  I prefer to be involved in the process of coming up with custom color combinations for those so inclined.

I’m continuing to take commissions for custom kite colors, but plan on being more hands-on (and perhaps more restrictive) about the way kites look when they leave my studio.  Simply put, I have a way that I’d like for my kites to look.

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